Pound Fellows. The Institute‘s work is supported by its members, who are called “Fellows." The attorneys, law firms and legal organizations who are Pound Fellows are committed to strengthening the civil justice system by working with judges, legal academics, and practitioners. In the fifty-plus years of Pound‘s existence, the Institute‘s membership and leadership have come to reflect the increasing diversity of the nationwide consumer bar. It includes younger lawyers, women, minorities, and others. This diversity has strengthened our programs and has helped the Institute‘s work evolve – much as Dean Pound believed that the law itself must evolve.

Joining and Supporting the Pound Institute. Every member of the bar who is in good standing and who supports a strong American civil justice system is invited to become a Pound Fellow. There are several classes of membership with varying benefits. Dues start as low as $95 per year. There are also opportunities to support Pound‘s activities beyond the regular dues structure through tax-deductible contributions. (Pound is a §501(c)(3) organization.) To inquire about becoming a Fellow or supporting Pound in other ways, please contact our Executive Director, Mary Collishaw, by email (mary.collishaw@poundinstitute.org) or phone (202-944-2841) or click here to join online.

Academic Fellows.  The Institute is grateful for the guidance it receives from 23 legal academics from law schools across the U.S. who have agreed to serve as Pound Academic Fellows.  Together with the Pound Trustees, these individuals keep us abreast of the latest legal trends and assist the Institute in maintaining a relevant, meaningful dialogue with the nation's courts and law schools.