Appellate Advocacy Award

The Officers and Trustees of the Pound Institute, consistent with Pound’s mission to further the principles of access to civil justice and the right to trial by jury, have established its Appellate Advocacy Award, which strives to recognize excellence in appellate advocacy in America and those who achieve it. The Award will be given annually, if possible, to attorney(s) who have been instrumental in securing a final appellate court decision with significant impact on the right to trial by jury, public health and safety, consumer rights, civil rights, access to justice in civil cases, or other issues relevant to the work of the Pound Institute.

2019 Award Winners - Jennifer Bennett; the team of Clancy, Harty, Goldstein, Myers, and Ruckdeschel

2018 Award Winner - Leslie Brueckner and Benjamin Siminou

2017 Award Winner - F. Paul Bland, Jr.

2016 Award Winners – team of Robert F. Daley, R. Scott Marshall, Brent M. Rosenthal

2015 Award Winner – Samuel Issacharoff​

Criteria and Nomination Form  (submission deadline: March 23, 2020)

Questions? Contact Pound’s Executive Director, Mary Collishaw, at 202-944-2841 or